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Grading Policy

The grading will be done relative to the performance of the remaining class. The distribution of grades will be based on the CLAS Recommended Grade Distributions for Advanced Courses. Please refer to CLAS Teaching Policies & Resources — Grading System and Distribution for more information.

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Special Considerations

If anyone has a disability that may require seating modifications or testing accommodations or accommodations of other class requirements, please contact me so that appropriate arrangements may be made. 

Academic Integrity

All students taking College of Liberal Arts and Sciences (CLAS) courses have essentially agreed to the College's Code of Academic Honesty: "I pledge to do my own academic work and to excel to the best of my abilities, upholding the IOWA Challenge.  I promise not to lie about my academic work, to cheat, or to steal the words or ideas of others; nor will I help fellow students to violate the Code of Academic Honesty."  Any student committing academic misconduct is reported to the College and placed on disciplinary probation or may be suspended or expelled (CLAS Academic Policies Handbook).

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